Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi has trailed his guns on Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his custom made Rs 10 lakh suit but he has been conveniently mum about his own ‘suit-boot’ Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah .
Chief Minister Siddaramaiah was left red-faced after the details of his luxurious wardrobes came to light. His watch alone cost Rs 70 lakh, which of course does not account for his designer spectacles and sandles, all of which run into astronimical sums.
With opposition attack intensifying, CM Siddaramaiah is under pressure to auction his watch for charity just as PM Modi’s suit was auctioned off to clean the Ganga, at least to defend his self-proclaimed socialist credentials.
While this shows that Rahul Gandhi selectively criticises his opposition, with this coming into light in public, it yet to be seen if he will at least act against his own extravagant Chief Minister.
It is being said that those who are in the public eye have to present themselves in a certain way. India being a country with a lot of poverty, one should try not to put the general public down by prescribing to a lifestyle that doesn’t suit the people that one is governing.
“Can the Chief Minister of such a state flaunt this kind of a watch? Or even flaunt that he has all of this but he will not give anything to anybody?” asked Brinda Adige, an activist. “Taxpayers’ money is being used by him to set up a gym in his house, when actually this money should have been going to the poor people. He has a responsibly to now come out and declare, who gave him the watch, from where he got this watch and what he wants to do with it because it isn’t the only watch he that has.”
Since such issues have been brought to public attention, a rebellion inside Congress has emerged as former Karnataka Pradesh Congress president, Janardhana Poojary, went on to criticise Chief Minister Siddaramaiah even advising him to go ahead and auction the watch and donate the proceeds to the Siachen tragedy.
While the Chief Minister’s defence is that the watch was a gift, the BJP is saying that he should come clean about who gave him such a gift as it is too extravagant to not come with an vested interest

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