The Delhi police have summoned BJP MLA OP Sharma exactly 2 days after the first incident that took place outside the Patiala house courtroom where a CPI worker was beaten up by him. 
Even Delhi police commissioner was questioned about why the FIR that was launched over that particular incident had  names of unknown persons when OP Sharma’s face was clearly visible in the footage.
This is the much awaited summon as people have been questioning the fact that OP Sharma was not summoned by the Delhi police even after his face was the clearly visible in the footage. Looking at the evidence police should have immediately taken action against Sharma.The police was not taking any against OP Sharma whereas they were taking action against others. 
Since he is summoned now, actions can be expected that could be initiated by the Delhi police. 
Though B.S Bassi the police commissioner had said that OP Sharma had also filed a counter complaint with the police against those who he was allegedly beating.
 Since there is a counter complaint that is filed by OP Sharma so there is a possibility that OP Sharma’s version maybe recorded. 
OP Sharma is maintaining his stand by saying what he did was natural justice because he had save himself which made him attack others. 

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