New Delhi: Thousands of lawyers on Friday, apparently incited by the need to ‘uphold national integrity’, thronged the streets of Delhi shouting slogans condemning anti-national forces. Marching towards the India Gate, these lawyers who were earlier involved in publicly thrashing journalists and students stood in solidarity against what they termed “traitors of the nation”. 
Burning effigies in the protest, the agitating lawyers exclaimed that India needed to be defended from traitorous anti-national forces. Justifying all forms of hooliganism and violence, the lawyers also stated that it was incumbent for them to muzzle out all voices which was raised against the nation. 
The facade of this protest however, seems to be purely motivated by the lawyers taking umbrage over the recent protests in the campus of JNU. No political party has, at the moment, confessed any affiliation with this protest. 
One of the lawyers participating in the protest said, “This is a peaceful protest. But if there are any voices raised against the nation, we will ensure that there no more spaces are left for it. We, as a lawyer family, stand against all forms of anti-nationalism.” 
After the Patiala House court incident where students and professors supporting Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) student Kanhaiya Kumar and journalists covering the event were roughed up by a gang of lawyers, the lawyers have been criticised for manhandling an issue which needed to be dealt with in court. 

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