Speaking to NewsX regarding the contentious issue of who defines the virtue of democracy and whether the govt has overplayed their part in making claims of sedition against JNU students, Anupam Kher made clear his stance today on this issue which currently has the country gripped in tension. 
The actor outrightly claimed that it was shocking to see students raise anti-India slogans and render their support to a terrrorist like Afzal Guru who attacked the Indian parliament. Kher who is a staunch BJP supporter said that people are being made fun of for showing their patriotism and said that people who raised slogans like “Bharat Mata Ki Jai” were being termed as pseudo-nationals. 
However, when asked about the politicisation of JNU issue where the student’s group ABVP might have played a political card to rise in the polls, the Bollywood actor swerved away from speaking about the conspiracy and instead said that media and people should directly condemn such act. 
Kher also criticised Rahul Gandhi for lending his support to the JNU students. “He has no business encouraging students,” said Kher. 
“I as an Indian feel shame for what is happening right now,” said Kher, who refused to acknowledge any kinds of conspiracy or the alleged doctoring of tapes pertaining to the suspicious persecution of student’s leader Kanhaiya Kumar. 
On hoisting national flags in central universities, the actor said he did not understand why some people opposed the hoisting of national flags and singing of the national anthem in all universities.