Kolkata: Nobel Peace Prize recipient Kailash Satyarthi on Saturday urged the Indian government to invest more on children.

“The budget session is going to begin soon. I would like to call upon the government of India to invest more in its children. I urge the government to fund adequate resources and make provisions for adequate budgetary allocation for health of our children and their education,” he said, adding the current allocation is “dismal.”

He also reiterated his demand of amendment to the existing child labour law.

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In addition, Satyarthi said his mission is to prioritise children in the national and global development agenda as well as in the human rights discourses.

“I urge the central and state governments to include children in the developmental agenda. When we talk of development and of linking it to economic growth, we can’t ignore children.

“We cannot ensure any sustainable development if our children remain illiterate and left out of mainstream of knowledge and economy,” he said.

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