Kollywood star and a youth icon, Siddharth, today spoke to NewsX exclusively about his opinions on the recent national stir over Jawaharlal Nehru University and the debate of rising intolerance in the country. 
Opining over the pro and anti climate in the country, the actor said that “India is going crazy”. He said that everybody had the right to speak their mind, and it was wrong of someone to tell someone else that they did not have the right to say something. 
The Kollywood actor who has also acted in Bollywood films said that he has a strong opinion about the recent JNU controversy where student leader Kanhaiya Kumar was arrested by police over sedition charges. 
“I have a very strong opinion about it, but I won’t say it here,” said the actor. “If I say something, it will be paraphrased and converted into something else. And this is not the right forum to speak about these things.” 
Instead of people reading about the things properly, they’re sticking to one single adjective, the actor opined. He also maintained that India was a very diverse country and that it was impossible to define this diverse country with a single adjective. 
The actor-cum-director also confessed that he was ashamed of how women were being treated in the country. He said that not enough was being done for women and that women were being disrespected every passing second. 
“Everybody has to look within themselves and say ‘I am doing something wrong’,” said the actor.

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