New Delhi: An Aligarh village panchayat has banned mobile phone usage for girls under the age of 18 years.
The village authorities of the village of Basauli in Gonda are blaming mobile phones for corrupting girls and have announced a complete ban on usage of the device. It has been announced that families of violators will be punished by having to sweep the roads if the young girls in their family are seen using mobile phones in any form or way.
NCP leader Nawab Malik spoke about the issue saying that such a decision can never be accepted in a civilized society in this contemporary age. He said that the people who are pushing such agendas need to learn to move on with the times.
Pramila Nesargi, a prominent lawyer and women’s right activist, asked if the this village panchayat is even aware that this country has a rule of law and a constitution. She stated that the Supreme Court should take cognizance of this matter as soon as possible and take action against these village authorities.

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