Ghaziabad: The attempted abduction of a medical store worker in Ghaziabad has been caught on CCTV footage.
The footage shows goons attempting to abduct the worker and fleeing the scene. While bystanders were reluctant to intervene they are seen pelting stones causing the goons to abandon their plans and flee the scene.
The four goons had arrived at the medical store in Ghaziabad in a car and had bought things from the store before asking the store worker to step outside with them. Once outside they tried to force him into their car saying that he had misbehaved with a girl. The UP police has said that they have tracked down the individuals involved in this incident and are pursuing the case against them.
This incident illustrates the poor state of law and order in the NCR region as this abduction attempt was carried out in public and even caught on tape. It shows how emboldened criminals are attempting to carry out such acts in crowded public places and how much fear they have of the Delhi Police.

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