New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday made a strong attack at the opposition over various rows and debates happening in the country. 
Modi hit out at the opposition and said that this is a conspiracy and a motivated attempt to insult and defame his government. He has been elected by the people of this country to make sure that such conspiracies do not succeed. 
This is the first time that the Indian Prime Minister has spoken out in relations to several conflicts and debates prevailing in the country. 
Modi has put out the message that all of this is a plot by the opposition rather than a justified action, and “no plot by anyone will be allowed to break the country”, said the PM. 
Reacting on PM Modi’s attack at the opposition, Congress leader Brijesh Kalappa said that PM Modi is suffering from some kind of a victim psychology. PM Modi had spoken after a week Rohith Vemula died and he has not bothered about Kanhaiya Kumar for the past 20 days.
Kalappa also asked that for what reasons is Kanhaiya Kumar is in jail when everything is proved that he never uttered those words and nothing anti-national ever happened in JNU.
In Rajnandgaon district, PM Modi also launched the Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee National Rurban Mission at Kurrubhath village.

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