NEW DELHI: Union Minister General VK Singh on Sunday claimed that media attack on him is at the behest of the arms lobby and he has briefed PM Narendra Modi on the orchestrated campaign against him.

Singh accused a former senior Army official of being a part of the conspiracy, saying, “It is an insidious campaign in which the arms lobby is working overtime. They were not able to subdue me when I was the Army Chief.” 

“I won’t go beyond saying as to what relationships he enjoys with various chaps. There are a lot of people who were paid by him. So, obviously, you have some journalists and others who will write what they are told,” Singh said.

The controversy erupted after his visit to Pakistan High Commission in Delhi on March 23 for a reception and extended his remarks comparing the Yemen evacuation operation with his visit to the Pakistani mission.

Later, he had sparked a controversy with his remarks against a TV channel for playing up the issue, describing the media as ‘presstitutes’. 

“Following the campaign against him for his presence at Pakistan Day, I had spoken to the Prime Minister and explained why I was being targeted,” Singh said.

When asked what was Modi’s response, Singh said that he understood, adding “He is too media savvy not to understand it. He said leave it to me.” 

(With PTI Inputs)

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