A video from West Bengal has emerged online where an innocuous woman, accused of being a witch, is humiliated in the eyes of the public. 
A frenzied mob consisting mostly women surrounds the one accused of being a witch as they beat her and pull her hair in an attempt at public humiliation. The woman is seen tied to a pole where she tries to defend herself from a mob bent on humiliating her. 
This is not the first time the mob has taken the law into their hands pertaining to a rampant witch-hunt in the state of West Bengal. Women who’ve been accused of practicing witchcraft have been killed or maimed by the public which looks at this practice with disdain and fear. 
Witchcraft is a taboo subject in India which has been poorly addressed in the Indian judiciary system. Anyone suspected of witchcraft is condemned in the public eye, even to the extent of the accused individual being lynched by mob or murdered secretly.

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