With the resurfacing of the five sedition-accused Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) students in the campus, the Delhi police are impatiently circling the campus waiting for direct orders to intervene for their arrest. 
When Umar Khalid appeared on the campus last night, the Delhi police were unable to spring into action because they were not allowed by the Vice Chancellor of JNU to enter its premises. However, to press on the matter of their imminent arrest as soon as possible, the Delhi police are going to meet the VC of JNU pertaining to the matter. 
After the student leader Kanhaiya Kumar was arrested for sedition charges, a massive manhunt had taken place inside the JNU campus where police forcefully entered students’ dwellings. And because of the forceful tactic practiced by the police, they were disallowed from entering the JNU premises without permission. 
All the students who have resurfaced have openly made statements claiming that they will surrender peacefully before the police. If the meeting with the Vice Chancellor proceeds without any objection, the students will soon be arrested on grounds of sedition. 
Related to the matter of police intervention and the arrest of these students, JNU teachers association will hold a meeting at 10 30 am. 

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