New Delhi: Two girls from Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh alleged eve teasing for several months before their harassers shot one of them dead.
The girls had been complaining about the harassment to police for a number of months, but no action had been taken against their assailants. While they resisted molestation, two bike-bourne assailants shot one of the girls and fled the scene.
The victim’s sister has sustained several injuries and is alleging police negligence. She spoke of how she and her sister had reported the assailants to the police several times, the cops doing nothing about the matter, leading eventually to her sister’s death.
The police have said that they are looking into the matter. The apathy of the police is becoming increasingly troubling to the women of the state, with such incidents taking place about two to three times in a month. The police is yet to explain how, despite complaints, no action was taken.

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