Patna: A Dalit student of a medical college in Bihar faces legal trouble after he threatened to end his life if he is not declared to have passed his MBBS final year exam.
The student, Kapil Dev Chaudhary, has reason to vent his frustration. Afterall, he has spent 21 years in pursuit of that elusive medical degree that would allow him to practise as qualified doctor. In vain. 
“Sir, now I am 52, now pass me. I want to become a doctor. Otherwise I will commit suicide,” Choudhary wrote in one of his messages texted to B.K.Sigh, who heads the department of medicine at the Darbhanga Medical College.
In another message, Choudhary wrote, “Goodmorning Sir… I have seen you for 21 years. No meeting now. Now you will meet my body.”
The college authorities were not amused. Sensing trouble after Rohith Vemula case in Hyderabad University, principal R.K. Sinha approached police and registered a complaint against Choudhary for sending a series of threatening SMSes.
When confronted by police, Choudhary did a complete u-turn and said he would not commit suicide. But he also made it clear he “would never sit in the final year MBBS examination” if he failed to clear it this year. 
Choudhary admitted that between January 31 to February 15 he sent a series of SMSes to Singh as he was frustrated at not cracking the final MBBS examination the past 15 years.
Sinha said Choudhary was insistent that after all these years the college should simply declare him to have passed the final exam or he would commit suicide.
According to police, Choudhary was admitted to the under-graduate medical course of the college in 1995. He managed to gradually pass all parts of the MBBS course but at the end of two decades has failed to clear the final year examination.

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