Mumbai: In another shocking event of a male chauvinist assaulting a woman, visuals of a man getting down from a White SUV-Mahindra Scorpio and beating a woman cop were captured in Mumbai. The man assaulting the police officer is said to be from the Shiv Sena.
Though Shiv Sena has separated itself from the incident saying they do not endorse such acts and called it shameful, the party added that the man was not a Shiv Sena member anymore.
The person was said to be violating traffic rules and was talking on his mobile phone while driving. The woman police officer tried to stop the car and this raged the ex-Sena functionary and he got out of his car abused the traffic cop, humiliated her and then thrashed her.
In the scuffle, the police officer took blows on her nose and started bleeding. There were many onlookers present but only one person, Prateek Pawar, came to rescue and made sure that the culprit was taken to the police station and an FIR registered against the culprit.   

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