New Delhi: In a recorded statement to the Supreme Court, Kanhaiya Kumar, President of the JNUSU (Jawaharlal Nehru University Students Union) who was arrested on allegations of seditious sloganeering, claimed that the police were lackadaisical in securing him away from the lawyers. 
In the video, seated amidst a group of lawyers questioning his testimony on the Feb 17 incident, Kanhaiya Kumar recalls how a man dressed in the garb of a lawyer attacked him in front of the police and also called upon his partners as they proceeded inside the courtroom. 
Asked if he was also assaulted inside the court, the student leader said, “The man was inside the court; everything felt pre-planned. I was scared.” 
Kanhaiya also claimed that there were no arrangements in and outside of the Patiala court. 
Kanhaiya’s lawyer, Vrinda Grover, alleges that the police were virtually inactive during the assault on Kanhaiya Kumar. Grover stated that the nature of the assault was such that it felt like it was all pre-planned.
“Police did not apprehend the attacker. And I saw the lawyer speak to a senior police officer and walk out of the court,” she claimed. 
There are also questions regarding Kanhaiya’s security condition inside the Tihar jail. Since the accusations of sedition against students of the Jawaharlal Nehru University, the institution has been the target of public outrage which mutated to the extent of people suggesting it to be shut down. 

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