Delhi: Water supply has been adversely affected in the National Capital again due to high levels of ammonia in the Yamuna River. Kapil Mishra has tweeted saying three water plants have shut down due to high ammonia levels in the Yamuna.
Due to the increase in ammonia levels in the Yamuna river the water supply in North and Central Delhi will be severely affected. Mishra has said that by Sunday evening there will be evidence released of how poisonous pollutants are coming in from Haryana carried by the Yamuna River.
The last time the water plants had to be shut down, it was because of the Jat agitation. But the repeated shut down of water plants proves that there is a more systemic problem at play. In fact, increased levels of ammonia in the Yamuna River is not a novel problem.
It was something that had happened a few weeks prior to the Jat agitation as well, causing the water treatment plants to shut for a while. A long term solution is yet to be found for these issues, but the government’s statement in the evening is expected to propose something of the sort.

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