New Delhi: The consequences of the Jat agitation in Haryana were, for the protestors who resorted to fierce vandalism, brief and successful as far as their main objective is concerned. But for some who were unwary of the sheer lawlessness governing the agitators in the state, the consequences are gruesome and permanent. 
Cases of gang-rapes in Murthal, a district of Sonepat in Haryana, came to light when witnesses claimed that women were dragged off by groups of men into the field in the dark of the night. Garments of women strewn across the fields near the highway are some indications which serve the conviction that women indeed became victim to sexual assaults during the Jat quota agitation.
But the Haryana government has been reluctant about accepting the accounts of witnesses on gang-rapes in Murthal until a survivor registered the first FIR on Murthal gang-rapes today. The woman, hailing from Narela in Delhi, has crystallized the gang-rape rumours and the eyewitness accounts of truck drivers and Dhaba owners who alleged that women ran naked across the fields and groups of men dragged them away into the darkness. 
Registering a case in the Murthal police station, the survivor alleges that she was accompanied by her 12-year-old daughter and a relative on the night of February 22 when a group of seven men dragged her and her relative out of the car. However, the men left her 12-year-old daughter unharmed. 
Witnesses who saw the incident happen right before their eyes refused to register a complaint with the police for fear of being thrashed by the agitators involved in the gang-rapes. Many also say that men, who assured estranged women of safety from the riot, took them away from the area. 
Haryana’s Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar has issued an appeal to the people of Haryana to cooperate with the police. The state has also formed a three-member team with Ms Singh at the helm to probe into the allegations. 

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