A 22-year-old Agra district resident committed suicide after being heartbroken over his girlfriend’s engagement to someone else. The incident took place on July 20, 2019, Saturday morning. What’s even more shocking is, he live-streamed his suicide on Facebook while his friends were busy watching him doing the act. He also left a suicide note describing the cause of his act.

Police officers found Sikarwar’s body hanging in the temple.

Deceased, identified as Shyam Sikarwar alias Raj hung himself at the premises of the Raybha village’s temple in the Agra district. In a four-minute-long video as shared on Facebook, Shyam Sikarwar had told the police that nobody should be held responsible for his death. He had also urged his family members to upload photos of his body online.

In the live-streamed video, his friends can be seen watching Sikarwar hanging himself. He already told in his friends’ group about suicide. Sikarwar had also written a four-page long suicide note. In the note, he had apologised to his family members and requested them to donate his organs.

Mentioning his girlfriend to whom he loved, Sikarwar wrote that he missed her and couldn’t live without her. Also couldn’t live up with the fact that she was getting married to someone else.

Also, he became unemployed due to the stress of losing her. He worked in a Gurgaon-based factory. 

Police also found that he was suffering depression as the girl he loved was marrying someone else. At this moment, the suicide video had been taken down. His Facebook profile had also been deactivated.

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