Muzaffarpur: A new low hit Bihar examinations when a demeaning cheating preventive measure was adopted by examiners in Muzaffarpur. As many as 11,000 candidates who appeared for an exam for the designation of clerk in the Army were asked to strip down to their underwear in order to write their papers.
Bihar is famous for its notorious activities employed to cheat in examinations. Last year, the mass cheating spree in the state caught attention of the international media. A picture of friends and family members, who had climbed up walls of the examination centres to pass notes to the examinees, went viral over social media.
Ahead of the board exams, Bihar government announced a monetary fine and jail for students and their aides for cheating in examination. 
The measure taken by the authority conducting army clerk exam probably eliminated any possibility of paper chits or scraps being used as unfair means in the exam, but is it really a solution to make candidates strip and use their thighs as tables to attempt a question paper for any exam in an open field. 

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