Bhopal: A shocking incident of negligence by the police in Bhopal led to the death of a 22-year-old boy near the Madhya Pradesh Vidhan Sabha. He was riding a motorcycle when he was hit by a speeding bus.
The victim lay unattended on the road for 30 minutes as the police officers were busy directing traffic and providing security for VIP cars passing-by. Ironically, more than six police officers were near the scene of accident. 
The incident took place right outside the Vidhan Sabha in Bhopal when the assembly was in session. The victim was moved from the middle of the road to the pavement because the traffic police around the Vidhan Sabha were more concerned about Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s convoy which was to arrive in a few minutes from then.
The victim was taken to a hospital in an auto after half an hour after an ambulance did not arrive to pick him and was declared dead-on-arrival by the doctors.
Meanwhile, police have arrested the driver of the bus with which the biker collided.

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