New Delhi: A letter by RVS Mani about his alleged torture and coercion to change his stance in the Ishrat Jahan case created ripples across the country on Wednesday. Below is the text of his letter, to which NewsX has access. Here are excerpts of the alleged conversation:
Verma: Why are you trying to collude with Mr. Rajinder Kumar? 
Mani: That is not the case.
Verma:  Do you know Rajinder Kumar well?
Mani: I have seen him in one or two meetings relating to Pakistan.
Verma: Who do you use to interact within the IB?
Mani: I interacted with only some on Law & Order.
Verma: You are lying, you were interacting with Rajinder Kumar and your seniors were interacting with Rajinder Kumar.
Mani: It is none of your business as to whom they used to meet.
Verma: All in the Home Ministry are stooges of the IB.
Mani: We are not fools sitting here in MHA secretariat.
Mani said: “Mr Verma (IG,SIT), dictated a note indicating that two IB persons came to the room of the Director with a draft affidavit which was approved and afiled on June 6, 2009.”
“Thereafter since the said affidavit was misinterpreted by the Gujarat Govt, on orders from the Home Minister, another affidavit was drafted in the room of JS (IS) with representatives from Ministry of Law and IB and the same was filed on Sep 29, 2009.”