Chennai: The Tamil Nadu government has written to centre seeking an opinion on the release of Rajiv Gandhi killer Nalini Sriharan. 
The TN government want the appeal of the accused to be re-considered and it’s being said that Jayalalithaa wants killer of Rajiv Gandhi to be freed. Jaya obliges with letter to PM, saying, “We want to free her- will you?” Now the ball is in PM Modi’s court as its being seen that terror might be appeased for votes.  
It seems that Jayalalithaa is playing vote bank politics as it gives the impression that Nalini’s appeal has worked on her. 
Jaya wrote to centre seeking an opinion on whether or not Sriharan should be released along with 6 others accused who are serving the sentence at present. 
“After taking into consideration petitions of 7 convicts, TN government has decided to remit sentences of life imprisonment and to release them. All seven persons mentioned have already served imprisonment for 24 years. 
We would like to clarify that this communication is being sent to you without to our right to move SC to review its judgement.
It has come necessary for us to request you to communicate your views on decision of TN govt”, said the letter written by chief secretary to the TN Government. 
Nalini’s brother Baghyanathan spoke exclusively to NewsX: 
Brother: Last time we were given hope but nothing happened. This time we will wait. We are just hopeful.
News X: Election code of conduct might come in two days, don’t know what can happen. Is this a political move?
Brother: I don’t want to comment on that. My sister and others are victims of circumstances. As politicians we request them. Priyanka Gandhi had already accepted my sister as victim of circumstances.
Earlier in the day Nalini too had appealed on NewsX.