Bengaluru: The procession of normal life on Thursday was hit in Bengaluru after farmers from various districts in Karnataka protested in the city to put forth their demands to the state government which they have been making for an extended period of time. 
Reports suggest that farmers have called these protests against the Bengaluru traffic police over its decision to not allow tractors to ply inside the city. The farmers’ demand also consists of a solution to the increasing sugar cane bills due to which many farmers have committed suicide in the past. They have also asked for a permanent solution to the drinking water and the Farmers’ Welfare Act.
According to sources, several groups of farmers with their tractors blocked the airport road in Bengaluru and also damaged some public property. 
As the Karnataka Government session is in progress, farmers from multiple districts of Karnataka entered the city seeking to put their demands to the government. 
This is the second such protest by the farmers, but they haven’t received any concrete promises from the government.

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