New Delhi: Adding a new twist to the Ishrat Jahan fake encounter controversy, former Home Secretary and BJP member RK Singh today spoke exclusively to NewsX claiming that the former officer involved in the post encounter investigation in Ishrat Jahan case was indeed tortured by the then IPS officer Satish Verma.

RK Singh said that he had come to know about the torture done to RVS Mani through some other official of the Intelligence Bureau.  

Speaking on the ill-treatment done to RVS Mani, former Home Secretary said, “Mani did not tell me but I came to know about it from some officer, I think it was of IB, some officer attached to the organization. He told me that one of our officers had been pressured by another officer called Verma to give the statement in a particular way… I asked who this Verma was, he said he was not from CBI so I confronted the then Director CBI and asked what was this nonsense… First, there should be no pressurization and second, who was this Verma and why was he around with CBI.  

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Verma was involved in the investigation of this matter earlier that’s why CBI had attacked him to help them, but I said that was wrong. Officers who are not from the CBI cannot be with the CBI to investigate any particular case.

What Mani said now is something which I did get to hear when I was the Home Secretary, so Mani is not lying, RK Singh added.

On Wednesday, RVS Mani in a letter had talked about his alleged torture and coercion to change his stance in the Ishrat Jahan case.

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