Panchwad Village: In Maharashtra’s Panchwad village of Satara district, a man who had repeatedly raped his 13-year-old daughter for four months was called out in front of the Panchayat; and true to the nature of this ancient Khap justice, the Panchayat decided to punish the ‘culprit’, both the man and his minor daughter. 

Unwary of the sexual assault which she had been subjected to by her own father, the minor girl was also punished by the Panchayat for not resisting her father’s approach. The news of the minor’s rape got around when one villager learned that the girl was pregnant. 
Appallingly, the Panchayat declared ten lashes of cane for both the father and his daughter. Instead of registering a police complaint for the alleged rape of a minor, the Khap Panchayat resorted to a Taliban-like chastisement where the father was dealt ten lashes for having sexual relations with his daughter and the daughter for not resisting her father. 
The video which has emerged online shows the father stooped down on the ground while an individual lashes him on the back in front of all the villagers. The minor girl who was subjected to child sexual abuse by her own father was also thrashed by the village leaders, irrespective of her suffering a long-term trauma from the abuse. 
Following this shocking incident, an RTI activist has registered a complaint with the police who filed an FIR and have now launched an investigation into the case. 

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