Birbhum: Adding to the political recordings of representatives of the country making hot-headed statements, BJP Chief in West Bengal, Dilip Ghosh, sparked a row on Friday when he issued an open threat exclaiming rather emphatically that anyone who raises anti-national slogans will be “chopped off”. 
The BJP chief of West Bengal was addressing a meeting of party workers at Birbhum where there were clashes on Tuesday over a Facebook post put up by a student. And in a hot-headed rhetoric growing increasingly familiar with prominent politicians, Ghosh openly declared that he would behead people raising anti-national slogans or slogans in support of Pakistan. 
“No one can raise pro-Pakistani slogans; no one can say “Kashmir ki azadi”. And even no one can say “Afzal ki azadi” from the soil of Bengal. Anyone who raises such slogans will be chopped off. This is a warning, and we will gather in large numbers,” he said. 
Reacting to Dilip Ghosh’s statement, many politicians condemned the dastard use of violence to further political agendas. Many even said that Dilip was incapable of making an informed decision and instead resorted heavily to such goonish rhetoric. 
The BJP chief’s irascible statement comes at a time when Birbhum is in a volatile situation. Earlier, there were clashes between protestors over a derogatory comment made about a religious leader. The clashes escalated to such intensity that police employed tear gas and also killed one protestor.