Tamil Nadu: Taking unlawful advantage of subordinates, a judge of a lower court in Tamil Nadu has been accused of forcing his lady assistant to perform menial and demeaning duties. The Judicial Employees Association in Tamil Nadu is preparing to approach the Madras High Court regarding this issue of abusing power. 
The judge, D Selvam, had asked his 47-year-old Dalit lady assistant to wash his innerwear at his house for retorting in an arrogant manner to his wife. And when the lady assistant was employed the degrading task in front of one of the judge’s colleague and his wife, the assistant threw the innerwear out of the building in disgust. 
Reacting with hostility to this insubordination, the judge wrote a memo to the lady assistant warning her of disciplinary actions. 
“You failed to wash the inner wear at the sub-judge’s house and threw them. When questioned, you retorted in an arrogant tone to the judge and his wife. Please explain within 7 days why disciplinary action should not be taken,” wrote Selvam in a memo. 
Forlorn of any support, the lady assistant wrote back to the judge, apparently frazzled by his threat. 
“I humbly submit that I will guard against my lapses in the future, and undertake to do my duties properly. I request that the disciplinary action against me may please be closed,” she wrote.
The memo warning the assistant of disciplinary action against her was issued on 1st of February. 


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