KOLKATA: The grandnephew of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Surya Kumar Bose has informed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will consider a demand to declassify files on the iconic freedom fighter even as his family organized a rally in Kolkata on Tuesday to put pressure on the authorities to make all secret papers public.

The demand from Bose’s kin for declassifying all secret files with Modi came in the backdrop of a controversy over Jawaharlal Nehru spying on Netaji’s family for two decades.

Surya also told media that many of his family members never believed that the freedom fighter had passed away in a plane crash in Taipei in 1945, days after Japan surrendered in World War II.

Surya Bose met Narendra Modi who is currently in Germany for an official visit after attending a reception hosted in the Prime Minister’s honour on Monday.

“Modi said that he will look into the matter on a serious note and will then take a decision. He said that he will try his best to open those files but he hasn’t seen any of them himself so far. So, that is why he cannot judge what the content is like in that or what it could be like. It was an extremely honest answer, according to me,” Bose said.

Several relatives of Netaji including nephew Dwarka Nath Bose and grandnephews Chandra Bose and Avijit Roy joined a big number of people in Kolkata for a rally demanding the full disclosure of more than 150 files on Netaji, that are currently with the central and West Bengal governments.    

People distributed leaflets demanding declassification of the files as the rally walked through a three-kilomytre stretch in central Kolkata.

The differences within the Bose family too came into limelight as grandnephew Sugata Bose (a Trinamool Congress MP) and Krishna Bose (the wife of Bose’s nephew Sisir Bose) did not join the rally.

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