A shocker came from Jan Adhikar Morcha’s Pappu Yadav. He has given a clarion call demanding killing of politicians who exploit Dalits.

The Lok Sabha MP said Dalits should be given rifles and those who kill such netas will be rewarded by him.

“If the government takes sufficient action against its corrupt officials and politicians, Dalits and kids like Rohith Vemula should take rifles in their hand,” he said.

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Those politicians who forced Vemula to commit suicide should be shot down. The politicians who exploited, forced him to die should be killed. There’s no other solution, said Yadav.

“Take up the fight… give rifles to Dalits. Whoever killed these politicians will be rewarded by me,” he said.

The statement was made inside the parliament during the motion of thanks. He made a target attack against the political class and political community suggesting that everyone was corrupt and minting money in unethical ways which did not go down well with MPs sitting in the House.

Urban Development minister Venkaiah Naidu has objected to such generic comments that were made by Pappu Yadav in an emotional fit.

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