Tamil Nadu:  Tamil Nadu Minister for youth welfare and sports S Sundararajan has found himself at the butt-end of public scrutiny after he wantonly conducted an inspection of a girl’s hostel at night and made demeaning remarks and gestures at the young players. 
In a video which has gone viral, the minister is seen commenting inappropriate and crass comments at the players. Not only does he threaten the young women lining up for inspection, he also makes discomforting gestures in front of the camera. 
These are the unsavoury questions and comments which the minister made during his inspection: 
– Why are you fed if you aren’t bringing medals? 
– I’ll only give money according to the food you eat.
– What did you eat for lunch? Should I open your stomach and check? 
– You don’t look like someone who plays hockey. 
– How does your mother cover your expenses with Rs 100 a day? 
– Have you physically matured since joining the hostel? 
– (Touching a girl’s t-shirt) Do you have enough vests to wear? 
– (Poking at a girl’s waist) You have gained weight, no? 
–  Is your father dead or is he just separated from your mother? 
This inspection which happened at night was propelled by the aim to motivate the young sportspersons. However, if this is the kind of motivational methods the minister employs, is it likely that young players are mentally affected by his statements?

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