New Delhi: Ahead of the 2017 assembly polls in Uttar Pradesh, Samajwadi triumphed in the Member of the Legislative Council polls in UP. Out of the 35 seats on which the elections were conducted, Samajwadi Party won 23 out of the 28 seats, whereas 7 of its members were declared elected unopposed making their total score 35. 
Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) one of the major contenders of the 2017 assembly polls in the state failed to open its account in this election. BSP got 2 seats, Congress 1 seat and the other 2 seats were won by independent candidates.
The aftermath in the state Legislative Council has given the ruling party a major lead with 58 members in the house.
The strength of the other parties in the house is as follows:
 Teachers Group-5
Use of muscle power cannot be completely neglected when elections are held in Uttar Pradesh, mafia don Brijesh Singh defeating the ruling party’s nominee in Varanasi. Ramlali, wife of another mafia-turned politician Vijay Mishra, also won from Mirzapur-Sonebhadra. 
BJP has white washed its defeat by saying these were not direct elections. This election was managed by the ruling party.  
“These elections were won by the use of money, strongmen’s muscle and political power. In the previous MLC elections BSP then ruling party has the majority but in the 2012 assembly polls they lost so people should not link these elections to the 2017 assembly elections” BJP spokesperson Vijay Bahadur Pathak told NewsX in a telephonic interview.   

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