BERLIN: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, German Chancellor Angela Merkel issued a joint statement in Berlin on Tuesday.

In the speech on the last day of his tour, PM Modi addressed several issues including that of skill development and infrastructure. 

Here are the highlights of Modi’s speech:

•    We have discussed the India-Germany ties with an open mind
•    The lion and eagle will make good partners
•    It is obvious that while we are talking about ‘Make In India’, we are thinking about cooperation with Germany.
•    We need more support from Germany.
•    Germany is a famous for skill development that is of utmost priority for us.
•    We can learn a lot from Germany.
•    International issues too have been discussed in our meetings.
•    I feel both India and Germany should be permanent members in the UNSC and the world will benefit a lot from this.
•    The strength of Germany is manufacturing. 
•    India will be a manufacturing hub, it will help Germany.
•    We need to focus on clean energy.
•    Terrorism needs to be defined. 
•    The world should be sensitive about terrorism and harbor terrorists, the way they are about nuclear weapons.

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