New Delhi: Jawaharlal Nehru University Student Union (JNUSU) President Kanhaiya Kumar, the face of the JNU style-off on Thursday was surrounded by another controversy over his controversial remark on a former JNU student last year.
Kanhaiya has been slammed in an open letter by a former JNU student for hypocrisy. The women who had written the letter alleged that Kanhaiya misbehaved with her last year when she found him urinating in the student’s campus. When
she objected, instead of saying sorry Kanhaiya not only shouted at her but also threatened her of dire consequences and suggested that she should seek medical help.
Being a JNUite, She filed a complaint against Kanhaiya with JNU proctor office in June 2015. After enquiry, Chief Proctor and Vice-Chancellor of JNU found Kanhaiya behavior “so unbecoming of a JNU student” and fined Rs. 3000.
The so called ‘Leftist’ supporter Kanhaiya has been accused for taking a hypocritical stand, where on one side he is preaching on how women should be treated and on the other side he is insulting them. 


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