Mumbai: Maharashtra Navnirman Sena’s (MNS) truculent leader Raj Thackery is best known for his venomous rhetoric against immigrants in the city of Mumbai. So when the leader made public a statement on Thursday inciting people to burn down new auto-rickshaws, his command was heeded to immediately. 
However, Thackeray’s comments have refused to simmer in the ground unnoticed. Tejasvi Yadav, Deputy CM of Bihar, slamming Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis’ inaction against Thackeray, said that the BJP, who had proclaimed friendship with MNS would never investigate into these cases.
Yadav also criticised PM Narendra Modi for keeping silent on the issue even when the PM was soon going to visit the people of Bihar. which are majorly driven by people from Bihar,
“When Raj Thackeray is talking about breaking up our country and Fadnavis is not doing anything about it, we will then send him churriyas (bangles),” said Yadav. 
A day after his exhortation, MNS party cadres took to the task of targetting auto-rickshaws which were non-Marathi and allegedly burned an auto-rickshaw. A video of a burning auto-rickshaw from Andheri has emerged online which was purportedly burned down by cadres of the MNS resorting to the act of incendiarism. 
A BJP legislator’s office was also vandalised pertaining to this xenophobic political trend in the metropolitan city. 

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