New Delhi: A farmer, Azhagar, hailing from Ariyalur district in Tamil Nadu committed suicide after recovery agents from Cholamandalam Finance Company impounded his tractor for non-payment loan. The farmer had taken a loan of Rs.7 lakh for which he had paid upto 5 lakh and the remaining 2 lakh was pending. Private loan recovery agents impounded his tractor, and the aggrieved farmer, unable to stand the grief,  committed suicide. The 25-year-old farmer is said to have hanged himself out of humiliation.
This is not the first time such forceful action has been taken against a farmer in this area. A farmer was thrashed by the police for being unable to repay the loan in the neighbouring district. 
According to reports,  factors such as crop failure due to scanty rainfall, meagre water supply for drinking and growing crops, insufficient capacity to repay loans and pressure from banks and money lenders were the causes that drove the farmers to turn towards bad loans and eventually  commit suicide when they were unable to reimburse the bank.
As per current data, as many as 1,690 cases of farmer suicides were reported in 10 states during 2015. Last year, Maharashtra government had reported 725 cases of farmer suicides.