Bengaluru:  A displeased JDS councilor in Bengaluru, who was unamused about a woman councilor’s political leanings, saw himself fit to march towards the woman and start beating her in front of all the other councilors gathered together in the municipal council meeting. 

Vijaya Hiremath, an independent candidate attending the City Municipal meeting at 3 pm in the city on Saturday, chose the Congress party to bring certain developments to her ward. But in an atmosphere where the forging of BJP-JDS alliance was still fresh, her political opinion and her own choice became a matter of indignation for one JDS councilor. 

In the video which has been aired exclusively by NewsX, the JDS councilor is seen walking nonchalantly from the back row towards the front where the woman councilor is sitting. And as soon as he reaches there, the male councilor flings his fist towards the woman, repeatedly attempting to hit her face. But before the situation could escalate any further, others gathered in the meeting hold the deranged man and drag him out of the hall. 

How the male councilor casually approached the woman and decided to beat her in a room full of other councilors is a matter of further discussion. 

Speaking to NewsX, the woman who fought back, Vijaya Hiremath, confessed that while the man was attacking her, the BJP members gathered in the hall did nothing to stop him and instead cheered him on. She said that the Congress members came to her rescue and dragged the man out of the hall. 



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