Mysore:  Murder of K Raju, a BJP worker in the Mysore city of Karnataka has created an environment of tension in the region. The murderers are still roaming free as the police have not been able to arrest them. BJP has announced Mysore Bandh for Monday on the demise of Raju.
Raju was standing near a tea shop in Udaygiri area of Mysore when he was stabbed by a sickle. His murderers came to the place on bike. 
Prahlad Joshi, the state president of BJP Karnataka suspects that K Raju was murdered because he took the initiative to build a Ganapati Mandir in his area.
Joshi has asked the people of the city to maintain peace and order during the bandh. He has requested the police to arrest the murderers as soon as possible and to assure non-occurrence of such incidents in future.