New Delhi: In a violent protest by BJP in Dehradun against Uttrakhand Chief Minister Harish Rawat, a BJP MLA attacked a police horse deployed to disperse the protesters. The protest took a violent turn when, in a bid to dismount the rider, the protesters charged at the horse with sticks and broke the horse’s leg.       
BJP MLA Ganesh Joshi is seen in the video attacking the horse at its legs and the other agitators supporting him in the effort.As a result of this violent abuse from the politicians, the horse was badly injured and was then carried to a vet hospital in a truck. 
This incident of animal cruelty has sparked a war of words between the BJP and the Congress.
Harish Rawat, reacting on this appalling incident, said “You are using lathi on a horse? I think the word “tolerance” is not there in the dictionary of BJP.” 
Meanwhile, Ganesh Joshi, the BJP MLA is who is seen in the video thrashing the horse, denied hitting the animal and told NewsX that he was just beating the stick on the road to force the cops to back off from the protesters.