New Delhi: The subject Mathematics has always been a nightmare for students. Class 12 Mathematics exam of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) was no less than a nightmare. This was for the second consecutive year that such a tough paper was set which brought students close to tears during the exam.
The students had a tough time during the examination as they had to face difficulty in both finishing the paper as well as tackling the tricky questions. “Lengthy, tough, tricky, disastrous…”, is how students of class 12 summed up their maths exam on Monday.
Reports say students were really disappointed with the CBSE board for setting such a tricky and tough paper. Even the maths teacher felt the questions were tricky and students did not even get enough time to revise their answer sheets.
Students and their parents now fear that less marks in one subject might pull down the overalll graph of their percentage. A fall in percentage will have a direct impact on getting admissions to prominent institutions and professional courses.
Only a handful of students are expected to have tackled the paper well. Even the website of CBSE was flooded with complaints over the maths exam paper.

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