New Delhi: The BJP’s high voltage protest against Uttarakhand Chief Minister Harish Rawat took a violent turn when local MLA Ganesh Joshi attacked and beat up a police horse with a stick deployed to control the protest. As a result the horse was injured and taken to the veterinary hospital for treatment.  
The incident happened during BJP’s march against ‘corruption and poor law and order’ to the state assembly which was stopped at barricades put up by Uttarakhand police near Ripsana bridge, a few meters from the state assembly premises. 
The BJP MLA got carried away and lathi-charched the horse as other others protestors joined as well. Dehradun cops have filed a case against BJP protestors.
However, Joshi later denied his action, saying the horse was not given water throughout the day. “As soon as some water was given to the horse he was fine, he was just thirsty. I am not at fault at all,”
“It is seen in the video footage that the horse was hit by the MLA Ganesh Joshi,” Dehradun SSP Sadanand Date said.
“The horse injured by BJP MLA Ganesh Joshi was taken to Indian Military Academy’s Veterinary Hospital,” Dehradun SSP said.
“The metatarsal bone of the horse’s left leg has broken,” Dr. Negi Veterinary doctor who is treating the horse at Police Line said.
“Doctors are saying that the horse’s leg will have to be amputated. Case will be filed against the BJP MLA,” Dehradun SSP added.
“You are using lathi on a horse? I think the word “tolerance” is not there in the dictionary of BJP,” Uttarakhand CM Harish Rawat said.
The incident of animal cruelty has sparked a war between Congress and BJP in the state. Congress is demanding an apology from the BJP leaders.

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