New Delhi: In a shocking incident caught on camera a drunken girl was seen threatening cops and destroying property inside a police station in Hyderabad.  
This incident happened when a drunken couple were found creating ruckus along with their friends on the road outside a mall in Hyderabad. On being informed by onlookers about the fuss created by the couple and their friends, the cops detained them. 
The couple along with their friends who were under the influence of alcohol were then brought to the police station. 
As per the recorded footage, the girl was seen in the video vandalising property inside the police station and threatening the cops saying, she would get them suspended. She also indulged in a brawl with the cops. 
Initially there was a heated argument between the cops and the couple which later turned into a scuffle inside the police station and caused a lot of damage to the police station property. A case has been registered by the police against the couple and the two other friends of the couple.

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