Rajasthan: Sparking another controversy over circulation of rumours concerning the consumption of beef, four Kashmiri students of Mewar University were beaten up inside the college campus for allegedly cooking beef in their rooms. 
The scuffle might have escalated because the Mewar University does not serve non-vegetarian food to the students. And with allegations of beef consumption, the enraged locals beat up the four Kashmiri students. 
Mewar University administration alleges that fringe elements in and outside the campus intentionally provoked the situation inside the campus. The University stated that it houses students from 23 different states of India among which Kashmiri students amount to 700-800 inside the campus. 
Prasanna Khamesara, SP of Chittorgarh, commented on the incident by saying that a misunderstanding had occurred but the situation had been brought quickly under control. 
According to Prasanna, the meat has been sent for forensic analysis which will determine whether the meat was actually beef or not. 
Circulation of beef rumours is a growing phenomenon where minorities are indirectly targeted through the propaganda implemented by the State. 
The controversial Dadri mob-lynching incident lead to widespread ruckus and eventually marked a growing concern for the State as the meat was later tested as mutton and not beef.

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