New Delhi: In another shocking incident reported in Rajkot, Gujarat, six people attempted suicide demanding that cow be made the ‘Mother of the Nation.’ 
Fortunately, none of them lost their lives and were admitted to hospital in time.
A lot of upheaval has been witnessed in the country of late about the issues related to cow, often termed holy in Hindu scriptures.
From the controversial Dadri lynching incident where a man was lynched by a mob after being accused of having consumed beef, to a group of students consuming beef in the campus as a sign of protest against the Dadri lynching, the nation has witnessed numerous beef related violent incidents. 
This time, the urge to make cow as the ‘Mother of the Nation’ has sparked another controversy where people are even ready to commit suicide if their demand is not entertained. The trend is dangerous for the country as such incidents are often politicised and milked for garnering votes.

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