Bengaluru: Here’s a fascinating yet horror-filled incident that took place in Bengaluru, Karnataka. A two-year old baby fell into a washing machine while the mother was busy cleaning the house.

This incident took place in Gulbarga, Karnataka. The infant who was playing on a table near a washing machine fell into it when trying to peep into the machine out of curiosity.

Luckily the mother of the child saw her baby fall into the tub of the machine. Her attempts to get her baby out were unsuccessful as the baby got stuck.

The mother then out of desperation called her neighbours and tried to get the baby out but was unable to take the baby out from the machine. To save the child, she called her neighbours to help her pull out the baby from the machine. Because the kid was stuck in the machine, the neighbours had to cut the machine open and save the baby. Fortunately the kid did not receive any injuries.

The baby remained stuck inside the washing machine for almost 30 minutes. The video of this miraculous escape has gone viral. 

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