New Delhi: Speaking exclusively to NewsX,BJP MLA Ganesh Joshi today defended himself saying, “I went to see the injured horse in the hospital because I am an animal lover.” 
When asked about his new found sympathy for the injured horse, Joshi said blaming the doctors, “When a person gets hurt, he is asked to rest but this horse with multiple fractures was asked to stand with a rod in his leg.
This is the action taken by government and now nobody is allowed inside the chamber. Doctors are tormenting the horse.”
Joshi was asked as to why he was wielding a stick to which he said, “I was hitting the stick on the ground in defense because the police was forcing the horse on one of my party workers.”
On being told that the Congress was accusing him of doing drama he said, “The Congress is framing a conspiracy against me to malign my name.” “The horse was injured intentionally so that the other parties can use the story and make it a political issue, ” Joshi said.
Earlier this week, BJP MLA Ganesh Joshi attacked and beat up a police horse with a stick deployed to control protestors during a march being led by BJP against ‘corruption and poor law and order’ to the Uttarakhand state assembly. As a result the horse was injured and taken to the veterinary hospital for treatment.  
Ganesh Joshi who allegedly broke the horse’s leg faces a maximum fine of Rs 50 under The Prevention of Animal Cruelty Act.

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