TORONTO: In the last leg of three-nation tour, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the Indian Diaspora in Toronto’s Ricoh Coliseum on Wednesday and said, “There is one solution to all the problems and that is development.”

Addressing people at Ricoh Coliseum, PM Modi said that India is a large country and it will take time to clean.

“There is a new atmosphere of trust in our nation. India is a large country and it will take time to clean, the problem is old and it will take time but you can see there is a change in the people,” Modi said, adding, “In times of crisis we do not see the colour of anyone’s passport. We do everything possible for people.”

Stressing on ‘Skill India’, Modi said that skill development can lead any country towards development. “We want our youth to be job creators not job seekers. Skill development is very important. I can tell you, India has the strength, what is needed is opportunity.”

Highlighting on the successful Mars mission of his country, the Indian PM said that the mission was an example of Indian talent as India reached Mars price less than making of a Hollywood film.

“Our Mars mission cost less than what it takes to make a Hollywood film… Our cost worked out to less than an auto rickshaw ride in any Indian city at Rs 7 per km,” he said.

Modi wooed the large crowd at the Ricoh Coliseum and expressed that earlier the identity of India was ‘Scam India’ and around the world, we have to change it to ‘Skill India’. 

Earlier, Narendra Modi arrived at the Toronto Pearson International Airport, traveling from Ottawa with his Canadian counterpart Stephen Harper, along with the latter’s wife Laureen on the same aircraft.

Modi was welcomed by a large number of the Indian community here, who clicked photos, before shaking hands with him.

(With IANS Inputs)

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