Chandigarh: The Punjab Assembly on Friday unanimously passed a resolution on the disputed issue of Sutlej-Yamuna Link (SYL) Canal, stating that it would not be allowed to be constructed at any cost.
Punjab said it won’t abide by any order which is not in the state’s interest. Clear politics is playing out between the state of Haryana and Punjab.  Recently this week, members of Haryana assembly wanted to gatecrash the assembly of the Punjab state. Tension is amounting between the two states regarding the SYL canal. This issue has been pending for several years.
“SYL cannot be built and they cannot allow it to be built defiance of the state of the civil waters. As you are aware the deputation file where the state government is challenging Article 78 of the government of India’s power to distribute water between the states is still pending before the Supreme Court so the position of the state government and also of the house is that unless the decision is taken on that petition, you cannot talk of the next step,” as per official.
In a setback to Punjab, the apex court had yesterday directed maintenance of status quo on land meant for the canal after Haryana alleged that attempts had been made to alter its use by levelling it saying, “There is not even a single drop of water that will be given to Haryana and come what may we will not allow the construction of the SYL canal.”
Punjab Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Singh Badal had on Thursday said that the state has no water to share, adding that the water crisis has occurred because the Riparian Act had not been followed in the case of Punjab.

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