New Delhi: Marking another tally in his jingoistic attempts all across the country, veteran Bollywood actor and odd-day politician Anupam Kher on Friday lectured the Jawaharlal Nehru University on what constituted ‘true nationalism’ meanwhile also promoting his new film ‘Buddha in a Traffic Jam.’ 
Questioning Kanhaiya’s speech about ‘freedom in India instead of freedom from India’, Anupam Kher placed the analogy of a family and their house. To the gathered crowd waving Indian national flags, the actor said that students who gave their voice for the country and not against it had been given the right education by their parents. 
“JNU’s ideology has been shifted, and I am here to turn things around,” the actor was quoted as saying. He pointed at a statue of Bhagat Singh and said that they were the real heroes whereas people who spoke against the country could not be deemed as a hero in anyway. 
“Young people should talk about how they can develop the country,” Kher said and reiterated that people should not say anything against the country. 
His affinity for the Modi government evident through his rhetoric, the actor said that India had seen a great Prime Minister after many years. And throwing a jab at Owaisi for the ‘Bharat Mata’ controversy, the actor exclaimed to the crowd, “What is wrong in saying Bharat Mata Ki Jai? Whether you call it ama, ammi, mataji, the word will always mean mother,” said the actor.   
Few people in the crowd made some contradictory remark against the actor, but Anupam Kher seemed unfazed all through his speech on nationalism. 
“I will keep Hindustani spirit alive in me till I die,” said the actor. 

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