Lucknow: During a friendly cricket match between CM Eleven and IAS Eleven the security of Uttar Pradesh chief minister Akhilesh Yadav was breached in Lucknow. The incident took place when a set of people wanting to meet Akhilesh barged the ‘Z+’ security cover of the chief minister maintained by NSG, an elite force of the Indian armed forces.
A woman and a child can be seen in the video who tried to breach the CM’s security to get their complaint registered to the chief minister. On the other hand a man is also seen begging on his feet for his demands to be heard. The petitioners are seen in the video being removed by the NSG commandoes armed with MP5 rifles. 
The exciting cricket match was held at La Martiniere ground, Lucknow and was won by the CM Eleven. The issues of the petitioners are yet not known.